Posted on 12th October 2019

No Data

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Nothing. There is absolutely nothing that shows any information (At All!) regarding homelessness among the LGBTQ community. It’s as if this societal cancer that affects everybody, every population in every country around the world, just doesn’t exist in the LGBTQ community. As if, that LGBTQ people don’t seem to experience homelessness at all.

I must state that this absolutely the truth with the exception of LGBTQ youth. Of which, is an even greater tragedy in and of itself. There are so many resources, statistics and organizations out there that specifically identify the issue of LGBTQ Youth homelessness. Once you start talking about adults, everything drops to absolute zero. No resources, no statistics, no data.

The illusion couldn’t further from reality. It’s not even an illusion or, some cover up, government “fake-news” ploy. It’s literally just a complete and total lack of information. Strange to believe that there could literally be no data on anything anymore. Which makes trying to sell the need for funding based on emperical data of any kind very, very difficult.

My theory of the cause, nothing more than a complete lack of interest. The fact of the matter is, the data that does exist is all saying the same thing, LGBTQ people are roughly 30% more likely to use drugs later in life and, are substantially higher risk of homelessness at some point in their lives. And nobody is even remotely concerned to ask why? Or, just how bad is it really? What are the statistics on homelessness among LGBTQ people? To answer that last question, there are no statistics.

According to the Washington Blade in 2018, “D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser has made it known that aggressively addressing the city’s homeless problem, including specific issues pertaining to LGBT homeless people, are among her administration’s highest priority.” So answer the call. Join the fight that now exists to end homelessness in the LGBTQ community. Help us, solve the problem. If the LGBTQ community as a whole, can state that they put an end to people ending up spending considerate time without stable housing, then our methods can and absolutely should be replicated elsewhere. In other communities, in other parts of American society.

This is what Restoring Pride has set out to accomplish. To put an end to the void of information regarding the issue, to actively challenge the community at large to recognize that this problem exists and is only getting worse and, finally to decide, as a community that fights for its own, that it is NOT acceptable for any person to be forced to live without safe and stable housing. We have to accept this and take considerable action in order to address this problem head on and become the community that can proudly say there are no more homeless LGBTQ people on our streets, anymore.

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